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Since 1964, the Big Island Substance Abuse Council (BISAC) has been inspiring individuals and families to reclaim and enrich their lives. The Vocational Training Po‘okela program teaches clients the value of having a vision, setting goals and the steps needed to accomplish those goals.

“Every aspect of treatment is specifically designed to help client’s get the tools necessary to navigate a different path than the one they are currently on. Healing of mind, body, heart and soul ensure success in the community.” Raquel Chang, LMFT Chief Clinical Officer

The Food Truck provides hands on job training for BISAC clients, giving them the skills and the confidence needed to later succeed in the job market and in life.

The Culinary Arts program helps me learn new skills that will possibly help me get a job in the future. I have a chance at having a good, successful life.

Thanks BISAC for the opportunity for this last chance to change my life, put hope in my soul and someone that believes in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.

Every meal you purchase gives someone hope. Every meal you purchase helps our community
be stronger and healthier. Every meal you purchase makes a difference.

True Story

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